North Hop

Gin Alternatives at Spirit of North Hop Dundee

Saturday 29th September 2018

Although some of us love gin we are well aware that some of you out there aren't the biggest gin fans and are perhaps looking for something a little bit different, well, in that case, you've come to the right place!

For Spirit of North Hop Dundee we have lined up some absolute belters from the Scottish spirits scene for your ultimate perusal. Now we've all heard of vodka, whisky and rum but who's tried eau de vie, aqua vitae and juniper-free botanical spirit?

The Scottish spirit scene is buzzing at the moment and folk are keen to keep it fresh bringing out new and exciting spirits, here's just some of the ones you can expect to find at Spirit of North Hop Dundee this November...

Eau de Vie - Never 25 in nearby Tayport have created a spirit that uses the same grain spirit as gin but instead of adding juniper they infuse their spirit with local fruits, the end result is a very drinkable spirit, with distinct fruity profiles, perfect for creating cocktails with, something you can expect a lot of from them at the festival! Our personal favourite at the moment is their blueberry edition.

Aqua Vitae - Another nearby and fairly new distillery on the scene, Lindores Abbey have gone down a different route to other distilleries who distill gin whilst they are waiting for their whisky to mature, they have created an aqua vitae, a spirit that was first distilled in the Abbey as long ago as 1494. Their take on the original monks recipe uses a blend of spices and herbs which are grown in the gardens, and is then distilled in pot stills. Again this is another spirit that works particularly well in cocktails!

White Rum - Spiced rums and dark rums are becoming commonplace in the market at the moment with a rum resurgence thanks to a new wave of rum cocktail bars, but one Scottish distillery has done something different with the creation of Scotland's first white rum, SeaWolf Rum. From Mothership Scotland, the makers of Bramble Gin Liqueur, Cross Brew Coffee Liqueur and the Lucky Liqueurs range, and the same guys behind legendary Edinburgh basement bar Bramble, these guys know their stuff! Combine SeaWolf with Bon Accord Soft Drinks Salted Grapefruit Soda and you are on to an absolute winner!

Juniper-Free Botanical Spirit - So going down the same lines as Never 25, Sweetdram are macerating, then distilling 14 botanicals (but no juniper) and lightly sweetening with raisins and vanilla, then colouring with saffron to create Escubac (NOT A GIN), which can be combined with tonic, ice and a lemon garnish to great a G&T alternative, an E&T! These guys also have a bloody delicious Smoked Spiced Rum which will be on offer at the festival alongside Escubac...

Oloroso Sherry - Ok, so technically not a spirit but this sherry is certainly a good gin alternative and definitely worth a shout out! It's from the guys at The Port of Leith Distillery and the sherry is being used to season their oak casks before they are shipped to Scotland to be filled with whisky. The labels on their bottles cleverly tell the story of the sherry, and it is delicious either straight up, over ice or in a cocktail. And we have just had word that these guys will have their new gin (we know, this blog isn't meant to mention the g word!), Lind & Lime Gin ready to go in time for the festival, bonus for the gin lovers!

Tickets for the festival includes a 5ml taster from each of the 18 distilleries attending, so what you waiting for, get in about it!?