North Hop

Thistly @ North Hop Aviemore

Monday 16th October 2017

Thistly Cross Cider always go down a storm at our festivals and we are pretty sure that the upcoming Aviemore festival will be no exception! We managed to get a quick catch up with the Thistly team ahead of the festival and here's what they had to say...

Short Introduction to Thistly Cross Cider?

Established in Scotland in 2008, Thistly Cross Cider is the result of collaboration between a farmer and an artist, resulting in the perfect blend of tradition and creativity. Nine years on, Thistly continues to innovate and experiment, and has a portfolio of award winning traditional and real fruit Scottish ciders. Thistly Cross ciders are handcrafted using natural ingredients. Fruit is pressed by hand and the cider is matured for upwards of six months. This long maturation period helps to give Thistly Cross ciders a distinctive flavour and ensures a result which floats smoothly across the palate.

What are Thistly looking forward to most at North Hop Aviemore?

A fantastic festival in a stunning location, what more do you need? The North Hop series has been a huge success and it has been an honour for Thistly Cross to have been invited to another festival in Aviemore. The line-up looks fantastic and we are sure it will be another brilliant weekend!

What sort of offering can folk expect from you in Aviemore?

We are excited to be bringing the newest member of the Thistly Cross family up to Aviemore. Our Cloudy 5.5% will be the Magnificent Seventh addition to the current portfolio of six core Thistly ciders: Original 6.2%, Traditional 4.4%, Real Strawberry, Real Ginger, Real Elderflower, and Whisky Cask Cider, to complement our craft collaborations. A crisp and beautifully balanced, medium dry cloudy cider which is packed full of unfiltered goodness. Refreshing and remarkably easy to drink, this 5.5% session cider has a beautiful hazy appearance. Thistly has, once again, introduced innovative cider techniques to capture the cloud!

Tell us a bit more about the special ‘Festival Cider’?

Thistly will be bringing our exclusive North Hop special Festival Cider with us for the event. We felt the people of Aviemore deserved something a little out of the ordinary and we are sure it will go down a storm. It’s a farmhouse strength, bright and golden, natural cider with a beautifully crisp medium dry finish. Our head cider maker has given it his personal seal of approval and it’s tasting great, so we cannot wait to unleash it!

Your drink token (included in the ticket price) will get you a cheeky 1/2 pint of the Festival Cider to try...

There's still time to grab your tickets for #northhopavi and join the Thistly party in the Beer Hall!