North Hop

Secret Garden Yoga

Thursday 13th June 2019

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to put together an awesome line up for our first Summer Events Programme event, Secret Garden Experience at Pitmedden Garden, but before we share the full line up we wanted to give a wee teaser on the wellness front...

Recently our Director Michelle joined our North East Ambassador Christy at a yoga class at BrewDog Overworks in Ellon. The Vinyasa class, held in the funky taproom was led by Melissa from Third Eye and was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning. Melissa was a great teacher, making everyone in the class feel at ease, and was extremely curious and excited when Michelle mentioned a possible upcoming plant-based and wellness event featuring outdoor yoga.

So fast forward a few months we are now delighted to announce that Melissa from Third Eye will be joining us for our Secret Garden Experience event at Pitmedden Garden 20/21 July to lead some outdoor yoga and guided meditation sessions!

Melissa of Third Eye is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher based in Aberdeen; offering classes to the public in the city and shire, corporate yoga/meditation and private 1-2-1 sessions.

She previously trained professionally in Contemporary dance, working as a Choreographer in England before returning to Scotland and committing herself to her Yoga practise. She spend some time two years ago working at an eco friendly yoga resort in the jungle of Costa Rica. Working with Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda teachers from around the world. She had the pleasure of providing guests with plant based meals made with focus, awareness and loving intention whilst diving deeper into her practise.  

Melissa's approach to yoga enables you to work through your body to gain insight into who you truly are at the core. Building practical skills that transfer off your mat and into your everyday life. Melissa offers students the opportunity to check in with their mind and bodies in a safe environment; practising self care and setting goals whilst conditioning the mind and body through asana. The classes she offers are accessible and adaptable wherever you are on your journey and what you need at the time. Challenges are offered but not enforced. Her aim being to gift students the ability to take responsibility for their own practise by honouring the body. Feeling into postures without forcing through playful exploration whilst cultivating greater awareness of self and our surroundings.

Guided Meditation is a useful tool for those who would like to begin a meditation practise. Using imagery and the breath as the tools to guide you to a deeper place of peace. Shifting your attention from the external as you go within. There is many emotional and physical benefits from regular meditation practise. Included and not limited to; inducing a general sense of calm, reduced stress, deep relaxation, improved sleep and ability to tackle the waves of life with more ease and grace. It supports you on improving your relationship with yourself and others around you.

Over the weekend at Pitmedden Garden Melissa will be running open level Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, 1pm to 2pm, and 3pm to 4pm each day and Guided Meditation, 4pm to 4.20pm each day. Anyone from beginners to seasoned yogis are welcome to any of the sessions. We have picked out the most amazing serene outdoor spaces for these classes in the garden, and are delighted to say that attending these classes is included in your entry fee for the event, however numbers for each class will be limited to 30 people and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis on each day, so if you would like to get involved please ensure you arrive early and pop by Melissa's stand in the market traders area to sign up.

At Melissa's stand you will also be able to purchase her amazing handmade Palo Santo crystal bundles. These are made with sustainably sourced from trees that have naturally expired in South America. The sacred wood is burned to promote positive energy in your space, it can also be used to clear your aura and cleanse your crystals. Each crystal holds a different physical and emotional healing property, so you can choose what you feel drawn to or what loved one needs.

So whether your all about plant-based dishes, trying some quirky cocktails, discovering some new vegan friendly products or simply want to relax and rejuvenate, grab your tickets to our Secret Garden Experience now to avoid missing out!

This event is child friendly but please note that due to the nature of the garden dogs are not allowed.