North Hop

North Hop Hound's Dog Friendly Aberdeenshire Guide

Monday 23rd September 2019

With our Doggy Day Out at Haddo House fast approaching North Hop Hound (Beau) wanted to take some time out to tell you all about some of his favourite dog friendly spots in Aberdeenshire...from pubs, to cafes, to walks and shops! 🐾

The Long Dog Boutique - Located in Aberdeen's west end, this is one of Beau's favourite places to visit when in town, especially because they've got a cafe next door where he always scores a doggy delight or two! The shop itself specialises in harness fittings (check our social posts for Beau's recent fitting), natural treats (Beau loves these!), and quality dog foods. These guys will be at Doggy Day Out with a Pooch Bar (doggy beer, champaws, pawsecco, tonics, Frozzy's), a harness fitting area, a pick and mix natural treat stand, and a try before you buy food station...

BrewDog DogTap - There probably isn't a BrewDog bar in the area that Beau hasn't visited (he's partial to their doggy beer!) but DogTap is up there as his preferred watering hole! The staff are all suckers for his 'feed me treats' eyes and there's always plenty of space for his oversized 40kg butt (and sweeping tail) to move around in. Beau's typical party trick in any BrewDog bar is to lay down on the floor precisely where staff want to walk through with food for customers...he ain't stupid is Beau! 

Brew Toon Bar Peterhead - Keeping along the tap room route Beau also enjoys a visit to Brew Toon when in town with his buddy Harley (Dinner Stories)! It's the cool new doggy place to hang out in Peterhead and they always get plenty of attention from visiting locals! The bar is only open Thursdays to Sundays though so check opening times before visiting.

Formartine's - Although the cafe/shop does not allow dogs in they do have a great outside decking area where dogs are allowed, and Beau personally loves to go there for the great walks around the estate! The paths from the car park area wind past a trout lake and through the beautiful woodlands giving plenty of areas to explore. Another good shout is to grab a picnic from the cafe to take with you on the walk...

Geek Bothy - Not only does Emma love welcoming dogs into her lovely shop in Kemnay but she also stocks a whole range of lovely doggy products, including locally made treats, and collars/leads from Stella Accessories who will also be at Doggy Day Out this weekend!

Platform 22 - Ok, so this might be on the list because it's one of my favourite places to go for fab food and coffee (or something stronger) but dogs are most certainly welcome too, and as well as plenty of space inside they also have a great seating area (with shelter) outside which is perfect for sitting out with the pups on a sunny day, with beer in hand!

Six Degrees North Aberdeen - This was always a regular haunt but now that local soul food legends Smoke & Soul have taken up kitchen residency in this craft beer bar Beau is even more keen to visit, and I can't say I disagree with him! Great beer, cute dogs, and delicious smoked meat, what more could you want!?

The Craftsman Company - Another one of our regular Aberdeen haunts when in town is the Craftsman and as always Beau gets no shortage of attention in here! Beau especially enjoys hanging out at the comfy seats for morning coffee in the hope that someone drops some tasty crumbs his way!

Stonehaven Beach - Not a bar or cafe this time, just a lovely beach to run around on, with a rather conveniently positioned chippy, The Bay Fish & Chips, and ice cream shop, Aunty Betty's for those post walkies/swim treats! Back to the beach though and if you strike it lucky with the tide times (we use the Tides Near Me app for iPhone) you can have a massive expanse of beach to enjoy, with the added benefit of the river too!

Hammertone Store - Another favourite foodie haunt in Aberdeen, and not too far from Long Dog is the lovely Hammertone, the perfect place to sit with a coffee and watch the world go by, and of course dog-spot! Owner Susan is herself a dog lover so loves it when four legged friends pop in for a visit...

Haddo Country Park - Now we couldn't possibly talk about this weekends Doggy Day Out at Haddo House without mentioning the awesome park that surrounds it! Beau loves exploring the park (especially with friends, here's looking at you again Harley!) and also enjoys a go at the agility course (next to the car park) before heading home! There's plenty of routes to enjoy, some short and some long.