North Hop

North Hop Aviemore - Pre-Festival Chat with 71 Brewing

Tuesday 19th September 2017

As we approach North Hop Aviemore we are pretty damn excited to bring you some special products and announcements for the festival. Kicking off these proceedings we've had a chat with the lovely folks from 71 Brewing in Dundee who have given us a bit more insight into the brewery and have got some special news to share...

Brewery Background: 71 Brewing has revived brewing in the city of Dundee after an absence of nearly 50 years; named by its founders as a tribute to the imposing brick building where the craft brewery is located. One of the last bastions of heavy industry in Dundee, the former Blackness Foundry at 71 Blackness Road was a proud symbol of Dundee’s industrial heritage, its reputation for precision engineering and quality craftsmanship and the ‘Engineers of beers’ are now breathing new life back into an area once known as ‘Hell’s Half Acre’. The brewery was founded in 2016 by two engineers and long time amateur brewers, Duncan Alexander and Mark Griffiths. Based in a disused Ironworks the building's history gives rise to the moniker on all our products, 'Engineers of Beers'.

Brewery Inspiration: 71 Brewing’s inspiration is the great lager brewing traditions of central and eastern Europe and their aim is to craft modern interpretations of these classic beers. Aided by the uniquely low mineral content of the water which flows down to the brewery from Glen Isla, nearly identical to the water found in Pilsen, Czech making it ideal for brewing lagers.

What they had to say re North Hop Aviemore: "We love North Hop!! What are we looking forward to? Well where do we start…the music, the atmosphere, the best street food we have ever tasted and of course the chance to mix and mingle with the best of craft brewers and distillers in Scotland. We also get to showcase our fantastic brews to a brilliant mix of people who come along for the unique experience of tasting and testing the finest whilst listening to some damn fine music. We will be bringing our showcase 71 Dundonian Pilsner along with the hugely popular 71 IPL, our smooth 71 Ferrous red, a Munich Dunkel and the gorgeous Heart of Blackness Baltic Porter. Along with these will be a product that has caused much debate, research and intense discussion in the brewery, the North Hop Aviemore Festival Brew...a Rhubarb Hefeweizen!"

We will have a bit more info on this rather special Festival Brew shortly but in the meantime make sure you grab those tickets and get ready for a pretty special weekend in the heart of the stunning Cairngorms!