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Introducing Never 25 Spirits...

Thursday 15th March 2018

Always, Never...

Never.25 Eau de Vie is made at Tayport Distillery in Tayport, Fife. The journey to create a spirit started as a hobby and developed through learning about the American craft movement, experimentation and instinct about the flavour says owner and distiller, Kecia McDougall...

There is fantastic produce in Scotland and I have a particular love of strawberries. I researched other spirits to get my inspiration for Never.25 Eau de Vie. The growth in craft gins has been amazing and initially I experimented with flavouring gins with fruit. And then I thought, why not offer the market something that sits easily alongside gin but is wholly Scottish and flavoured with local fruit. Whisky has a place of its own, why not a fruit spirit such as Eau de Vie?

I wanted to make the spirit wholly in house at Tayport Distillery without adding artificial sweeteners or flavourings. After attending conferences, distilling courses, trawling through books, listening to podcasts, and even translating French distillery textbooks I discovered the process of making Eau de Vie. Europeans have been making Eau de Vie by fermenting stone fruits or macerating soft fruits in alcohol…from this, Never.25 was born! Creating Never.25 starts by collecting local grains, milling, mashing and fermenting to make the base spirit. I wanted the spirit to taste like fresh fruit from the berry fields surrounding me in Tayport and be a perfect alternative for people looking for something new. It has been well received and there are three flavours - strawberry, raspberry, and apple and a special edition in the making, Blueberry for The North Hop festival.

The original name for the product was Bluebird and was chosen for its personal significance and because it is a symbol of happiness and hope. I wanted Never.25 to be a spirit that could be shared and enjoyed by family and friends. Bluebird had already been trademarked and I was so disappointed that I could not use the name. This slight dilemma caused me and my husband to forget our 25th wedding anniversary last year, “It’s Never 25”  but it provided me with the perfect name for the eau de vie.  The label features a range of symbols close to my heart and includes flags (Saltire, Stars and Stripes), a robin, a musical pause, a golf ball, and a bluebird. You can read all about the label on

The North Hop festival is the first festival Never.25 will be attending and we are so excited!! The Never.25 branding was created by Forty Two Studio in Aberdeen, and the bartender community in Aberdeen have been instrumental in the development of the product. With the help of top bartenders in the area we have discovered that people love the fact that Never.25 is all natural and exceptionally versatile.

What is the perfect serve? Whatever you like really  - we want you to experiment and create. That is the whole ethos behind Never.25. Our two great brand ambassadors, Rory and Sam, have come up with some really simple ideas - check out their “One Minute Serve” videos @never25spirits or the website.

Look forward to seeing you all at the North Hop Aberdeen festival - please come by, say hello and have a taste to let us know what you think!