North Hop

How to enjoy a North Hop festival, when you don’t like beer...

Friday 2nd March 2018

Our North East Ambassador, Christy Williamson from Dinner Stories, has a confession to make...she doesn't like beer! Now we know what you’re thinking, how can she even be a North Hop ambassador and not drink beer?! The answer is pretty simple really and one that might help you gather up some of your non-beer-drinking pals for The Final Fling in Aberdeen on 30 and 31 March…read Christy’s guide on drinking for non-beer-drinkers at a North Hop festival below and buy your tickets online here.

“When somebody asks me what North Hop is, I loosely describe it as a beer festival. But that isn't strictly true - while North Hop does showcase some of the best Scottish craft breweries around, there's a lot more to it than that! Personally, I don't like traditional beers (not that there's anything traditional about the awesome craft beer companies lined up for #northhopabz - far from it!). What I'm trying to say, is that I'm not a fan of anything with an overly hoppy taste, and I'm definitely not keen on stouts/porters. So I'm here to tell you what I will be drinking at The Final Fling in March:

Fruit beers -
"But I thought you said you didn't like beer?" I know, I know, just hear me out...For those of us who enjoy something a bit sweeter than your typical brew, fruit beers are a great choice. My personal favourites are Fierce Beer's Very Berry (a raspberry and blackcurrant sour ale that packs a vibrant flavour punch) and Brew Toon's Raspberry Carronade (an easy to drink raspberry cream ale that's a bit softer on the tastebuds, with just a hint of hops). Don't miss the chance to try Brew Toon's new M'ango Unchained at the festival too!

Prosecco -
If you like a glass of fizz, you'll love Art Deco Prosecco. I'll be sipping one of their Gin Bothy cocktails from Fizzy the prosecco van...

Gin -
You can't beat a good G&T. Light tonic and a twist of orange or grapefruit is my personal preference. You can enjoy a perfect serve from Porter's, Caorunn or Colonsay, who I hear will be serving warm cocktails too *that’s different*!

Cocktails -
Speaking of cocktails, the North Hop Bar will be manned by local mixologist Adrian Forde-Beggs and loaded with spirits from Berry Bros & Rudd, with Lamb & Watt providing the mixers and Edinburgh Ice Co providing the ice - I'm pretty excited to see what they come up with! You'll most likely find me here, on both sides of the bar!

Turmeric Lattes -
For a different kind of brew, check out The Liberty Kitchen! They'll be on site with a selection of artisan hot drinks to fuel you through the session. Designated drivers will like this twist on a traditional latte!

Cider -
Thistly Cross are a North Hop favourite, so grab a glass of their award winning farmhouse cider to toast The Final Fling. I'm hearing good things about the new Cloudy version too and look forward to trying to this over the Easter weekend!

Whisky -
While I'm not a fan of the typical Scottish dram, whisky based cocktails are definitely something I can get on board with! Check out Finnieston Distillery Co and their colourful canned cocktails for something a bit different. The strawberry flavoured Scotch on the Beach sounds right up my street and I'm keen to find out if an Old Fashioned Green Tea is actually my cup of tea?!

With so much to try, it's a good job there's 3 sessions! And don't even get me started on the food line up…”

See?! Told you Christy is an awesome ambassador! North Hop is more than just a beer festival, the bars and breweries line up plenty of options for beer drinks and non-beer drinkers alike. And this is without even mentioning the food and music...