North Hop

Dundee Q&A: Rich from Abandon Ship

Saturday 20th October 2018

We are delighted to be working with so many local businesses and people in the build up to Spirit of North Hop Dundee, and one of those people is Richard Davies from Abandon Ship, an amazing clothing brand which has now branched out to create some awesome businesses right in the centre of Dundee! The latest of these projects being Abandon Ship Bar (in place of Jam Jar) which is being built as we speak and will be popping up at the festival in 5 weeks time, but enough from us on this, here's Rich to tell you more...

Introduce yourself & your business?
We are a group of businesses in Dundee run by Colin Petrie and myself (Richard Davies). Our aim is to create destination driven customer experiences across our businesses: Hard Grind, Daily Grind, Abandon Ship, Oh Hello and Abandon Ship Bar. 

Why Dundee?
Dundee is where I grew up and where Colin lived when we decided to open Hard Grind, he had a barber client list and it made sense to open it here. Eventually we saw the opportunities that Dundee had to offer and we moved the other aspects of the business to the city and started to open the new destinations. 

Your favourite project to date?
All the projects are really exciting but I think the bar will be the icing on the cake. It will be like stepping into our brain and we will really be able to show customers what we are all about. 

Any new/exciting projects in the pipeline?
The opening of the bar at the end of this year is by far the most exciting thing we have coming up! 

Your favourite drink and favourite bar (anywhere)?
My favourite bar is a dive bar in New York called Down The Hatch. It is a typical shitty dive bar and the first place I ever played beer pong and drank picklebacks. They do great buffalo wings and junk food and the vibe is authentic and fun. Favourite drink is an old fashioned with bourbon. 

If you had to choose one final meal what would it be?
Buffalo Wings and Tacos.