North Hop

Dundee Festival Bars

Sunday 23rd September 2018

At each North Hop festival we like to introduce something a wee bit different into the mix whether it be new set-ups, new products/businesses, new concepts so for Spirit of North Hop Dundee we have gone all out and ticked all the boxes above and more! This festival will be so different from anything we have done before on so many levels, and one element we are super excited about is the bars...

So, yes, we have obviously had bars at our previous festivals but this time we are all about themes! Whilst the marquee at the Apex will house the awesome line up of distilleries, market traders, a special Urban Quarters chill zone (more on this soon!) and acoustic music acts, the City Quay Suite will play host to DJ's, epic street food vendors and four key bars zoning the four corners of the room.

The themes/offerings of these bars will be as follows:

The King of Islington - If you are one of the lucky folk in Dundee that has already discovered this colourful bar on Union Street then you'll have a bit of an idea of the sweet, sweet rum vibes it beholds, for those who haven't think 'vibrant and warm sugar cane frenzy'. This bar will be loaded with rum delights, banging cocktails, tropical feels, and finished off with some funky seating and colourful surroundings to take in the atmosphere from.

Abandon Ship Bar - In a contrast to King in the other corner Abandon Ship Bar will be more of your 'let loose, anything goes' kind of bar, one your doctor would prescribe! We don't have the full low down on the menu (bear in mind this bar hasn't even opened yet!), but seen as it's replacing Jam Jar we reckon there will be some pretty special cocktails. What we do know though is there will be a barbers chair, a Harley Davidson, arcade games and epic art from the legend that is Rich Abandon Ship, this is going to be one cool space to check out!

71 Brewing - Now we've got one for the beer lovers (we've always got your backs guys!), Dundee brewing legends 71 are going all out to create a super cool indoor beer garden complete with deck chairs, games, and of course lots of cool, refreshing beer! They will have some of their own creations on tap and in the fridges as well as some tasty guest beers. We haven't seen their full list yet, but do know that the ultimate summertime (low ABV) beer garden beer, Schofferhofer will be in plentiful supply, oh yes!

North Hop Bar - The final corner will be filled with cider, fizz, and fruity liqueurs courtesy of the rustic North Hop Bar. We are working with some of our favourites boozy, fruit laden producers to pull together a delightful menu including Thistly Cross Cider, The Cider Bothy and The Gin Bothy. Want your fizz straight up, we've got you, maybe a fruity garnish, no problem, or perhaps with a seasonal liqueur, yeah, we can do that! Full menu coming soon, but expect this corner to feel like you've just stepped out of Dundee and into a countryside orchard.

See, we told you this festival would be a little different! Full menus/drinks lists for each bar will be announced within the coming months across our social media channels, but in the meantime don't forget to grab those tickets and tell all your friends, this is going to be THE festival to attend this winter!