North Hop

Cocktails to your door? That can be arranged!

Tuesday 7th April 2015

So you're planning a night in and want something a bit different to serve up to guests, or even to simply enjoy yourself, but you know that creating cocktails at home can be time consuming, expensive and a little bit messy…well it turns out this scenario can actually be quick, cost effective and mess free with a little help from Tipple Box, who will deliver cocktails to your door on an occasional or monthly basis!

We first discovered Tipple Box last summer when company director, Sonny got in touch with us re exhibiting at North Hop 2014. Now at that stage they had no physical product as such, nor did they have a website, but we loved the sound of the concept and wanted to give them a chance and find out more. So a few months later Sonny from Tipple Box rolled up at North Hop 2014 with a handful of prototype boxes to sell (which received great feedback!), and less than 8 months later, having undergone a successful crowd funding campaign, they are now delivering their craft cocktail boxes to folk across the UK, which seem to be going down very well.

Feeling a bit left out of all the Tipple Box cocktail fun action I messaged Sonny last month to get signed up (something I'd been meaning to do from launch time), and it just so happened that the first box I received contained Rock Rose Gin, so we were off to a great start!

So what is a Tipple Box you might ask? Well, each box contains a nifty little jam jar shaker, miniature craft spirit bottles (which are so cute), quality mixers, and any other ingredients you might require for each cocktail, along with a colourful recipe card with step by step instructions to follow. With each box you get two different lots of ingredients and recipes, enough to make around eight cocktails, and at £24 (or less if you sign up for more than one month) per box, that's only £3 per cocktail! All you need to add at home is ice and optional garnishes.

Having had two boxes through the post now I can confirm that each box is totally different and it is quite exciting opening it up to discover what new products might be inside. It is a great way of trying something different and we would highly recommend! The other great thing with the boxes is they allow you to get a bit creative, so far I have used the Breville Blend Active instead of the jam jar shaker to create a slushy cocktail (much more excited than the fruit smoothies and juices I normally use it for!), and have also muddled fresh fruit into a couple of the mixtures to give them a bit more bite.

For the month of April 2015 Sonny has kindly given us a discount code to share out to all you lovely folk who fancy signing up. So to receive £10 off your first box simply enter discount code 'NORTHHOP10' at the checkout, enjoy!